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Sabo also established Haff Kimya by carrying on its experience in the field of care products to the field of production. Haff Kimya manufactures shoe care and finishing products with technical equipment and expert staff in compliance with today’s technology.

Sabo Group brings together half a century of footwear experience with the ultimate consumer in the retail sector with the Nando brand. According to the demands from domestic and foreign countries, the group also carries on this experience with the Clavo brand in the field of footwear design and production, and produces shoes for many brands for its own brand and others. 

Sabo continues to produce wooden molds for more than 10 years in the shoe-making sector. It is also the only manufacturer in the country

in the production of wooden molds.


With its technology, know-how and annual production capacity of one million pairs, Sabo is one of the major manufacturing facilities in Europe and is also the only manufacturer in our country.


Sabo, the leader in this market by far in Turkey, is exporting a significant portion of its production to countries such as Germany and France.