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The story of Sabo began with a shoe store opened in Beyoğlu, Istanbul half
a century ago.

Sabo, which emphasizes innovation and development, has grown even
more every year in its business life.

Due to its investor and employees who are passionately committed to the shoe business, today it has become a corporate and integrated company that operates in different branches of the footwear industry and nourishes each other.

Our Story

The Sabo Group operates in the field of retailing with the Nando brand.

Sabo Group, which carries out the distributorship of brands such as

AdidasBlink, Blink Sport, Woly, Renia is the producer of its own brand Flexicare.

Sabo Group which manufactures footwear with the Clavo brand,

produces leather care and finishing products with the group company Haff Kimya A.Ş.

Sabo Group is one of the only manufacturers in our country, and

in Europe it is among the few manufacturers of Wooden Shoe Molds.



Adidas care products that provide effective care for sports shoes available in




Blink, one of the distinguished brands of shoe care products, is

available in Turkey with a product range promising effective care.




Blink Sport, the indispensable brand of sneakers care products, is now available in Turkey.




You can reach all the products of Woly which is the leading brand of shoe

care products, in exclusive shoe stores and shoeshine parlors at every corner of Turkey.




The product range of Flexicare which is a Sabo brand, consists of shoe

care and leather finishing products.


Renia products, one of the most distinguished adhesive brands in the world, are
available in Turkey.


What do you say to build your career in Sabo?