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Our Story

The story of Sabo began with a shoe store opened in Beyoğlu, Istanbul half a century ago. Sabo which emphasizes innovation and development, has grown even more every year in its business life. Due to its investor and employees who are passionately committed to the shoe business, today it has become a corporate and integrated company that operates in different branches of the footwear industry and nourishes each other.


Attracting attention with recent investments, Sabo produces skin care and finishing products in world standards with its breakthroughs especially in the field of chemistry. Having been the distributors of the world’s leading brands of care products such as Woly, Blink, and Adidas for many years, Sabo is bringing all its brands to the consumer flawlessly with its wide distribution network.


Sabo, the only wooden shoe mold manufacturer in our country, exports to various countries of the world, especially France and Germany. Having prepared shoe collections for many brands in domestic and abroad with Clavo brand, Sabo operates in the field of retail footwear store with Nando brand.


Everything about shoes is in Sabo