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HR Policies

We act in the awareness that employees are the ones who bring an institution into existence. We care the development and satisfaction of our employees. Our human resources policy is based on to creating an employee profile that develops in the profession, has a high motivation, has social competence, creates value, and manages, directs and develops human resources properly.


Sabo Group has embraced human resources policy as a way


  • To acquire the quality labor force that matches our values with the knowledge and skill required for task definition,
  • To provide an effective communication and motivation environment where our employees can use their creativity and contribute to their work by expressing their ideas,
  • To exhibit a participatory and transparent management mentality that incorporates different point of views and know-how,
  • To support the development of our employees by giving importance to their personal and professional development,
  • To reward and encourage high performance by evaluating employee performance with accepted criteria,
  • To create happy employees by carrying out innovative human resources practices.