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Marketing (Care Products)

Adidas shoe care products which are produced for different purposes, consist of
four different products and provide effective care of sports shoes are in Turkey
with Sabo distributorship.

Blink, one of the distinguished brands of shoe care products, is in Turkey at Sabo distributorship with a product range promising effective care for your shoes.

Blink Sport, the indispensable brand of sneakers care products, is now available in Turkey. Your sports shoes with Blink Sport products are always clean.

You can reach all the products of Woly which is the leading brand of shoe care
products, in exclusive shoe stores and shoeshine parlors at every corner of Turkey.   

The product range of Flexicare which is a Sabo brand, consists of shoe care and
leather finishing products.

Renia products, one of the most distinguished adhesive brands in the world, are
available in Turkey. In all the exquisite shoeshine parlors.